We believe that each individual, each entity, has a unique purpose or reason for being. Each one makes its biggest difference when it focuses on that purpose.

Chintan Project is dedicated to working with individuals, leaders, corporations, and other groups to help them identify their unique strengths and to leverage those strengths so they maximize their contributions.

We are experts at helping these entities capitalize on the opportunities created by their challenges.

This combination leads to enthused action and enhanced results.

We provide individual, corporate, or group consultations, training, and implementation programs.

Purposed Business

We believe that each company or organization and each person within that organization has a unique purpose or reason for being. Fulfilling that purpose is their mission. They provide their greatest service when they are working on that mission.

We help companies and the people who make them up get even more rewarded for doing what they love.

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Purposed Wellness

We believe that each person exists with a purpose to fulfill – a mission unique to him or her. Challenges we experience, including illness, serve a purpose or they would not exist!

Part of helping someone heal is helping them see the purpose of their illness or challenge and how to leverage that to make their biggest difference.

We are dedicated to helping each person heal so they can live their purpose more fully.

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