Amit Chintan Ramlall

Amit Chintan Ramlall Founder

Before he was 4 years old, Amit Chintan was already displaying a precocious gift for learning advanced material in multiple areas of study. By age 15, he has read over 13,000 books by some of the greatest minds who have ever lived and studied many of today’s leading teachers and philosophers.

Just prior to a major surgery at 4 days old where his survival was questionable, he was given the name Amit Chintan which means Infinite Thinking. He humbly accepts his own calling to research, create, and teach the methods of listening to and following one’s true calling to people throughout the world so that each one may make their mark on the fabric of the Universe.

He already has the wisdom earned from having been blessed to be misunderstood that drove him to learn even more and understand even more. To have been labelled as having Autism Spectrum disorder and thought stupid. To have not been able to see well, move well, hear well, or speak well. He was blessed with his challenges.

In the years of being hidden behind the veil of Autism, Amit had the time and the foresight to think, to see the perfection all around him, to travel the Universe in his mind, to hear the calling of his own soul, and to foster the burning desire to be a teacher who speaks his message to the world.

He has written hundreds of essays which he will share, discuss, and debate with you. He has had his work read before spell-bound audiences around the world who have been inspired to live more authentically as a result.

Amit believes that each of us is blessed by a unique mission and has the perfect toolbox to fulfill it. He believes that each of us is a child in the sense that each of us is here to learn and to grow. He is the visionary behind the Chintan Project which is dedicated to helping us all, children of all ages, find, focus on, and follow our true calling so that each of us may lead the world.

Dr. A. Kumar Ramlall, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, FCCP

Dr. Ramlall is a leading medical specialist, who as a Pediatrician, started his career by focusing on helping children, irrespective of diagnosis or label, to maximize their function and their contribution to the world.

Most important to him is being a Daddy to Amit Chintan. He has studied the works of leading healers of past and present in medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy and other healing arts to help Amit move beyond Autism. Through this, he learnt that the most inspired healers understand that healing means serving the whole person, mind and body, and honoring that each person has a unique mission that they are striving to fulfill.

For over 20 years and for over 60,000 unique patients, he has focused on helping people from all walks of life live a fuller life. Dr. Ramlall has been a Chief Examiner for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in his specialty, and is an Award-winning teacher. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta. He knows what it is like to be in the trenches - he has worked as a General Practitioner, Emergency Doctor, as a Pediatrician, and Lung specialist.

He built from scratch a lung health program to service a population of one million people. He learnt how to communicate masterfully, to stir people to action, and to build and manage an infrastructure while working with very limited resources. As an immigrant to Canada, he had had practice with his family of building from scratch! From each of these he learnt how to find out what people truly want and how to help give it to them.

In addition to the healing arts, Dr. Ramlall has studied Self Development, Business, Sales and marketing, Finance, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Theology and Religion, and many other disciplines. He combines all his studies with the practical learning he got from his clinical work with his own life and business experiences to serve his clients.

He is a serial business owner, Co-Founder of Chintan Project, InspiroMed Clinics, Inspiram Group, and Chinvest Group, and is a sought-after consultant for individuals and business owners in Canada and the USA. He has assisted many business owners to find the spark and rekindle the fires that got them started in business in the first place; to see the purpose and opportunities within their challenges. He helps them find a way to be and to do what is truly in their hearts – and get even more handsomely rewarded for doing just that!

As he transitions from his work helping patients one on one and eyeball to eyeball, Dr. Ramlall’s love of his son is extended to love of the followers of the Chintan Project which he co-founded. The same visionary thinking and leadership, the same caring and enthusiasm, the same masterful communication and inspired action that he brought to and evoked in his tens of thousands of patients and thousands of physicians in conventional medical practice, he now parlays into the work of the Chintan Project.

Pratima Ramlall, B.Ed, MSc, PhD

Pratima is Amit Chintan’s mother and co-founder of the Chintan Project. Prior to working almost full time with Amit, Pratima was an Organic Chemist and University Lecturer. She has been a lifelong educator, leading her to obtain her B.Ed before pursuing further post-graduate studies. Later, she obtained her Certificate in Adult Education. She was acknowledged as an outstanding teacher by her students. She brought this same discipline and energy to helping Amit overcome his challenges and worked for several years home-schooling him and doing the majority of his demanding therapy. She knows the heart of mothers of children with challenge, and has extended that to inspiring others with challenges in any area to see the purpose behind that and to use it to fuel them forward. She is a successful business owner and has applied the skills she learnt helping Amit to this arena also.

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