Purpose of Challenge 
Amit Chintan Ramlall:

I am now 15 years old and have been blessed to have been misunderstood for several years. It was during this time that I have been labelled as having Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay, and numerous other conditions. I have been blessed to have undergone surgery when I was 4 days old and to have been partially awake during this, to later have not been able to see well with my eyes, to not have been able to physically move, and to not have been able to speak. It was these and other similar training grounds that taught me to move beyond the limits of the physical body, to explore the universe by way of my mind, to see beyond my physical senses, and to share my message with the Universe.

It is no coincidence that my name is Amit Chintan Ramlall. My 2 given names mean ‘infinite Thinking.’ When I was given these names it was based on the time of my birth but it was more significant of the calling I have been given and I have chosen to accept. I have founded with my parents the Chintan Project™ which is dedicated to helping children of all ages to listen to their souls, to find and follow their true callings so that they may lead the world. I define children as anyone in a state of readiness to learn and to grow. I will further propose that we are all children in the eyes of God. For why are we here if it is not to learn and to grow?

By the time of my surgery, both my parents and I knew that I might not survive it, and if I did, what the findings at surgery might mean for me and for them.

During my surgery, I was not fully anaesthetized, and when the pain of my muscles being ripped apart and my innards being moved around was too much to bear, I learnt that when you can’t rely on anyone else, you rely on yourself. You turn inwards to your inner strengths. The kind of fortitude that arises from beyond mortal. That made me learn more about self-reliance and resilience than any lesson hence. When most people speak of self-reliance, they forget the greatest part of self. The part of self connected with your reason for being, the part connected with your soul. I absolutely include that part.

I was blessed to have been called stupid – so I learnt to think for myself.

I was blessed to not see well – so I learnt to look hard for the symmetry, the proportion, the order and the overall beauty and perfection all around me in God’s Universe.

I was blessed to not hear well – so I learnt to focus intently on the callings of my own soul. My mission.

I was blessed to not speak well, which nurtured the burning desire to share my God given message with the whole world.

I remember that it hurt me to be hugged. I now seek to hug the whole world.

I remember that the sound of my mother’s voice, screeched in my ears. I learnt to read love in her eyes and in her actions.

I remember when it hurt me to eat. I learnt to nourish myself with my thoughts.

I remember being ignored and locked in a dark room on the first day of the first playschool my parents tried for me after repeated exhortations from others to have me “socialize.” While I have not been literally locked in many rooms since, I have been treated as in the dark by so many since. So many have thought or acted like they could not see me, or I them. From this I learnt to think. For thousands of hours I have contemplated meaning and purpose. For thousands of hours I have contemplated the greatest challenges of our and of all time. I was beginning to understand the Purpose of Challenge.

Please join us here to share the greatest challenges that you faced or that you do face. We know that this exists to serve you. Let us help you find this out for yourself.