Amit Chintan Ramlall

Chairman and Visionary behind Chintan Project

Amit Chintan Ramlall knows what it is like to make hay while it’s raining. After starting life with Autism Spectrum Disorder, making life work, making life thrive, making life shine is exactly what he has done. Today, he is the Chairman and Visionary behind Chintan Project, a global consulting company founded on a simple premise that each person has a unique purpose or reason for being. And that we shine brightest and have our greatest impact when we focus on that purpose. He counts this journey, his life, as his greatest credential.

To connect with a greater purpose, to find the opportunity in and capitalize on whatever you face, he thrives at helping others when the chips are down and when the challenges are greatest. When you have a challenge in the way of your business, when challenge is in the way of your impact, when challenge is in the way of your true wealth and rewards, this is where Amit can help.

Amit is committed to helping you be even more handsomely rewarded for doing what you love.

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