Doctor, are you feeling pulled in too many directions?

Working harder and longer but earning less?

Get your priorities back where they belong – you, your family and relationships, your health, your real wealth.

Proven 7 step protocol takes under 10 minutes a day

You worked hard to get where you are.
You’re amazing at helping your patients
But, you know a secret about you…

Your life really isn’t how it appears from the outside.
And if this keeps up, you’re going to burn out – or worse…

Proven Protocol gives you
the 7 Simple Steps to take back control

The solution doesn’t lie with the licensing body, your medical association, or the government. I know because I’m a Doctor and I’ve been down their prescribed path. 

The real fix starts with these specific proven steps to take back control

Doctors Are People Too

You deserve to feel on top of things.

Here’s a little about me. I worked my way through three countries and all the medical training. I’ve been in the trenches as a General Practitioner, ER doctor, and General Pediatrician — all before my subspecialty work for now over 20 years and over 70,000 unique patients.

Academically, I’ve been the Chief Examiner in my sub-specialty, former Residency Program Director, I’ve built (from scratch) a provincial service for a province in Canada with a population of 1 million people.

I’ve navigated private medical practice, built clinics in 3 provinces, built and run a thriving medical diagnostics company. I’ve also co-founded and run a global consulting company, Chintan Project with my wife, Pratima, and our son Amit Chintan Ramlall.

I believe doctors should have better resources and be supported in creating the full lives they have worked hard for. We Docs have the same crap in our lives. The difference is, Docs are supposed to follow the party line, look after ourselves silently, and be everything other than people, too.

That’s why we offer programs and resources for doctors.

Download this first tool today for free. You’ll learn simple tools to start taking back control of your day. When you implement them, you’ll Grow Yourself, Grow your Impact, and Grow your Rewards.

President, Chintan Project
Proven Protocol gives you
the 7 Simple Steps to take back control

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