Doctors Are People Too

Support to Help You Take Back Your Life and Your Practice

Find yourself working harder and harder, without the rewards, impact and fulfillment you expected?


You’ve built a career. A life. You’ve studied hard and worked hard to get where you are. But if you’re like many of us, you may feel you’re working so hard that there’s not much time or space left in your life to give to the relationships and ideas you want to invest in.

You may be asking, “What am I doing wrong? Is this all there is?”

Is your life heading the way you want??

Or are you just chasing your tail?

Are you feeling pulled in too many directions?

Do you find yourself working harder and longer but not earning more?

Ever feel you’re struggling just to stay afloat?

Are you watching your future plans go up in smoke?

(and if you’re asking what plans – you really need to know this!)

Stop feeling like your practice takes everything from you.

You deserve to have the career and life that inspired you to start in your field in the first place.

Prevent or stop yourself from burning out

Be present for your family and the relationships that matter most to you

Show up more powerfully as the leader in your business

Free yourself from the daily grind and the daily drain

Invest your time creating more impact in this world- and ‘doing it your way’

Fuel yourself to make the difference you choose for your patients or others

Take Back Control
of Your Life
and Your Practice

Grow Yourself. Grow Your Impact. Grow Your Rewards.

It starts with taking control of your life and your practice.

Who are we?

Doctors are People Too (DAPT) invites doctors to cut the crap and start empowering us, Docs, to do what it takes to look after us, our families and relationships, our businesses and finances, our futures, and thereby our patients. DAPT is an initiative of the Chintan Project, co-founded by Dr. Kumar Ramlall, Amit Ramlall and Pratima Ramlall. 

Dr Kumar is a business consultant for Doctors and leaders facing burnout or feeling stuck on a hamster wheel.  

  • Longstanding interest and demonstrated track record in building teams and systems.
  • Leading medical specialist: I’ve built a scalable Pulmonary and Allergy Medicine (InspiroMed Clinics) practice. Over 20 years and over 70,000 unique patients. Leverage matters.
  • Founded a chain of Lung Diagnostics facilities (Inspiram Group)
  • Chaired the Royal College Examination Board in my sub-specialty.
  • Associate Clinical Professor and former Residency Training Program Director. I was called upon to help organize the residency training program when it faced great challenges.
  • Award-winning teacher. My sessions for practicing Doctors were in high demand, not for research, but because they could immediately apply the learnings to practice and life.
  • I have worked in the trenches as a General Practitioner, Emergency Doctor, and Pediatrician. And before that, cleaning windows and training worms.
  • Right out of sub specialty medical school training, I built a provincial (one million total population) Pediatric Lung Health Service from scratch.

It is through living the journey with my son Amit that I have learned my greatest lessons. Amit grew from being diagnosed with Autism, to becoming the visionary he is now as the founder of Chintan Project, our global consulting business.

Our personal journey through Autism, our entrepreneurial journey, plus everything we have studied and trialed are put to work for you when we work together.

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It’s time to stop getting in your own way and start creating the life and impact you dream of.

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