Dr. Kumar Ramlall, MD

Co-founder of Chintan Project.

Dr Ramlall is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Chintan Project, InspiroMed Clinics, Inspiram Group, and Chinvest Group, and is a sought-after consultant for individuals and business owners in Canada and the USA.
He has assisted many business owners and leaders to find the spark and rekindle the fires that got them started in business in the first place; to see the purpose and opportunities within their challenges. He helps them find a way to be rewarded for doing what is truly in their hearts.

Dr. Ramlall is a leading medical specialist, who has chaired the Royal College Examination Board in his sub-specialty, been a former Residency Training Program Director, and Associate Clinical Professor. His academic career high-lighted his gifts, teaching and program building. He has also worked in the trenches as a General Practitioner, Emergency Doctor, and Pediatrician. As a Pediatrician, he focused on helping children, irrespective of diagnosis or label, to maximize their function and their impact in the world. Subsequently, practicing in Pulmonary and Allergy Medicine for over 20 years and for over 70,000 unique patients, he has focused on helping people from all walks of life live a fuller life.

As an immigrant to Canada, he had practice with his family building from scratch and that is exactly what he had to do in his career. Straight out of training, he was charged with building from scratch a lung health program to service a population of one million people.

It is through living the journey with his own son Amit as he grew from Autism to the visionary he is now as the founder of Chintan Project, a global consulting business that helps people be even more handsomely rewarded for doing what they love, that Dr. Ramlall learnt his greatest lessons that he now shares with his clients and with his patients. Together with Amit, they spearhead the Purposed Business and Purposed Wellness divisions of Chintan Project.

Medical Credentials:
Dr. Kumar Ramlall, BSc, MD,FRCPC,FAAP,FCCP
Allergy, Pediatric Respirology, Sleep Medicine
Medical Director, InspiroMed Clinics and Inspiram Group
Associate Clinical Professor
University of Alberta


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