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We help business owners and executives who feel they are in the way of their business.

We believe that each company or organization and each person within that organization has a unique purpose or reason for being. Fulfilling that purpose is their mission. They provide their greatest service when they are working on that mission.

We help companies and the people who make them up get even more rewarded for doing what they love.


Purposed Business, a division of Chintan Project, is dedicated to working with individuals, leaders, corporations, and other groups to help them identify their unique strengths and to leverage them so that they make their biggest difference. We are also experts at helping these entities capitalize on the opportunities that are created by their challenges.

Purposed reflects our core principle that each entity is unique and exists for a reason. We believe that nature and the universe are meticulously efficient and that anything that does not have a reason for existence would simply not exist. We and our companies ONLY exist because we serve.

A business is an organizational entity that trades one form of value (goods or services for instance) to its customers who exchange another form of value (another good or service, or money). A business once formed takes on a life of its own. It is an organic entity, much like a person. That means that a successful company has a unique purpose, its products or services serve a unique purpose, and all challenges that it faces (including competition) have a purpose. Businesses serve as a vehicle to leverage ideas and the work of its employees in a coordinated fashion to magnify the impact to the world.

When the leaders and the employees of a company or any organization see their work being aligned to their individual purposes, it is not only helpful for them as individuals, it also helps engagement, productivity, and the bottom line! When the company sees and acts such that their products or services truly serve their customers as opposed to only the bottom line, they thrive and last in the marketplace.

We help companies and the people who make them up get even more rewarded for doing what they love.

We provide individual, corporate, or group consultations, training, and implementation programs.

Please contact us for consultation or about any of our customized programs.

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