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Purposed Wellness

We believe that each person exists with a purpose to fulfill – a mission unique to him or her.

Challenges we experience, including illness, serve a purpose or they would not exist!

Part of helping someone heal is helping them see the purpose of their illness or challenge and how to leverage that to make their biggest difference.

We are dedicated to helping each person heal so they can live their purpose more fully.

Purposed Wellness, a division of Chintan Project, is dedicated to helping each person or entity heal so they can live that purpose more fully.

Purposed reflects our core principle that each entity is unique and exists for a reason. We believe that nature and the universe are meticulously efficient and that anything that does not have a reason for existence would simply not exist. That means that we have a purpose or we would not exist. It also means that health has a purpose, illness has a purpose, and all challenges that we face have a purpose.

The root word for wellness is the same as it is for wealth and for wholeness. The idea of being whole. That does involve wholeness of mind and body. We propose that wholeness or wellness of both of these is integrally tied in to purpose.

Have you noticed that when you are working on things that are most important or most valuable to you, that your mind is most sharp, ideas come to you more readily, and you find yourself able to think up solutions? In fact, the mind is most attuned when it is working on that which is closest to your heart – your purpose. The body is also most vibrant when you are working on things that are most important to you. You find that you have the most energy for doing these things and what’s more is that you find them energizing.

We believe therefore that the key to achieving and maintaining wellness is to live your life consciously on purpose.

We work with individuals, leaders, corporations, and other groups to help them identify their unique strengths which is closely tied to their purpose and also to identify the purpose behind their challenges.

We recognize that frequently these challenges involve disruptions in health and wellness (including illness). This may manifest as symptoms in the body or the mind and then affect all areas of our lives. These obvious challenges present us with hidden opportunity.

In short, by helping you heal (become more whole) we help you do more of the things that are most inspiring to you. We help you go live the life that you were meant to live. We help you to make your mark on the world.

We are experts at finding and leveraging each one’s unique strengths and also their unique challenges. We teach and help our clients implement this so that each of them is more productive and makes their biggest difference.

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