Satya Sukhai. MSW, RSW

Satya Sukhai is the Director of Operations for Chintan Project since 2014.

Satya’s training and practice includes Psychology, Sociology, and a Masters in Social Work where she specialized in Geriatrics and Mental Health. She has worked in Public and Private sectors within Geriatrics including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and in the community. She leads our work with Caregivers and their families.

Prior to joining Chintan Project, she leveraged her social work skills to help patients and their families understand family dynamics so they could improve their relationships. Often this involved mediating between patients, families, and caregivers or staff. This helped them all to thrive in the face of conflict and challenge that, sometimes, included significant illness and stress.

She so much enjoyed helping her clients and coworkers grow, that she became a Certified Adult Educator and has taught at the College level. In addition to clinical assessments often done one on one, she has expertise in leading groups. A highlight of her career was training others to eventually take over and run programs that she envisioned and built from scratch.

In addition to her work with Chintan Project, Satya uses her extensive skills to support our sister organization, InspiroMed Clinics, in its mission of helping patients heal so that they can live their purpose. She has led a turnaround in corporate culture to help ensure that each patient has a top-notch experience. She has built a team of inspired staff and supports them in providing patient care.

Outside of work, Satya enjoys spending time with family, travelling, reading, and crocheting.

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