Thrive with challenge.

Strategic consulting to help you leverage your purpose
and challenges to create a life and legacy you love.


Grow your

Grow your

Are you feeling called to
Be more, Do more, and have more?

Are your relationships at home or at work interfering with your business?

Are you truly being rewarded what you think you are worth?

Are you living a life of physical vitality and wellness that you dream of?

Do you feel like you are not good enough to make a difference?

Who are you leading? And in what?

What if there were a way to take back control of your life?

We are a Human Behavior Consulting Company. We maximize human awareness and achievement so that you can have the clarity to design the life or business you love.

We live in a world where people are disillusioned by their lives and their lots. They are not clear of who they are or why they are even here. If you feel stuck and itching for a life with more impact, find out how we can help.

Live the life you love while you create the legacy you dream of.

At Chintan Project, we are human behavior specialists that helps you maximize the return on your mind capital.

The aim of our work is to help you thrive with your challenges, and live out the purpose you were given.

Get your relationships working for you

Grow your business, your impact and your rewards

Take back control of your life


Thrive with

Capitalize on the opportunities created by your challenges.

Grow Your

Grow your business so that you can grow your impact and rewards. 

Wellness Your

Have the vitality to
live your purpose.


Emotional care for care-givers. So you can live the life you choose.

Doctors Are
People Too

For Doctors. By Doctors. Get your life back to focus on whatever your choose.

We believe that each individual, each entity, has a unique purpose or reason for being. We each make our biggest difference when we focus on that purpose.

Chintan Project Manifesto

Lack of Clarity 
to pull you up?

When you perceive challenge without support, it’s easy to feel lost and helpless. It can feel as though you’ve lost your connection to your own “North Star.” 

We help our clients find the opportunities, the gifts within the challenge, which they then leverage to make a difference.

Our proprietary processes help leverage resources you may not recognize that you have already in you so that you can maximize the opportunities created by your challenges.

Chintan Project: Dr. Kumar Ramlall, Amit Chintal Ramlall and Pratima Ramlall

Lack of clarity
weighing you down?

In our experience, while clarity on the WHAT and the HOW is important, clarity on the WHY you want something is very important.

We have helped our clients with clarity on the whats and the hows, but most importantly on the whys.

Once our clients have experience this clarity they are able to have more energy, feel more aligned, embrace support and challenge, be more focused and pursue their vision with more resolve.


Whenever you are ready,
Here’s What’s Next:

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Cut the Crap

We’ll guide you to put down all that crap you’re carrying and look your challenges in the eye. 

Maximize Your Life

Leverage your uniqueness and maximize your contribution to the world.

It’s time to stop getting in your own way and start creating the life and impact you dream of.

Start today by telling us a bit about you and requesting a call to find your best next step.

YOU are your greatest asset.

The world cannot fulfill its promise until each individual lives to their fullest. Yet, we live in a world too where so many people are disillusioned with their

If you’re questioning your life, your decisions, and your capacity, you are not alone. Work with us to rediscover the power you have within you.

Don’t be held back.
You were meant for more.


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